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The hair actually glows. Why does her hair glow!



tangled + color

HANDS down this film is my all time favourite.


I know it word from word. .and sob like a bitch when Eugene dies..amen to those tears though.

CANNOT get enough of it.

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Elsa + that thing she does with her hands

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30-Day Disney Princess Challenge

Day 7: Favorite Castle

I live this castle. I always thought it was based on Mount St. Michael in France? And booyah! I was right.

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Rapunzel Blonde vs Brunette 



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come on Disney

Elsa looks like Rapunzel when she was a blonde.

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Tangled (2010)

Love this movie.

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Tangled (2010)

Nathan Greno, Byron Howard

Stars Mandy Moore,Zachary Levi

Rating: A +

Synopsis A long haired princess is trapped in her tower and dreams of seeing the floating lanterns,but when a charming theif enters her life she decides to take a chance and go off in a tangled adventure with him and to discover who she really is and to find her real home.

My verdict: Hands down I love this movie so much. From the animation,to the songs,heck even the charcthers in this movie are really good. The voice cast maybe sorta well known Ex Pop Princess Mandy Moore teams up with TV’s Chuck Zachary Levi in this Animated Musical Romantic Comedy but still they did a very good job in this movie. Overall Tangled is an instant classic for me and I can’t wait to see what Disney can do next.

Also I love the screenplay by Crazy Stupid Love’s Dan Fogelman who is currently done a screenplay for that new Micheal Douglas flick Last Vegas as its very witty and funny,thanks to Zachary Levi’s wicked sense of humor. I laughed and cried while watching this movie and this will forever be my all time favourite movie in my top list. 


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Tangled 3D - Green/Magenta, l+r swap, (Dubois)

The look on her face though is so sad.
Rapunzel is amazing…full stop


Tangled 3D - Green/Magenta, l+r swap, (Dubois)

The look on her face though is so sad.

Rapunzel is amazing…full stop

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This is so cute! :*)

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Christmas trees at Disney Parks (via the Disney Blog)

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